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Install Terraform Manually on Linux/macOS

Installing Terraform is very easy, it’s available as a single binary named terraform.

1. Download the zip archive

Go to the Terraform Downloads page and download the appropriate package for your system.

$# Example downloading the 64-bit Linux zip archive

2. Unzip the package

$# Unzip the downloaded archive
  inflating: terraform

If you don’t have unzip installed, then you can install it for example on Debian based systems:

$sudo apt-get install unzip

3. Move the binary to a location available in your PATH

View the list of locations in your PATH:

$# The locations are separated by colons (:)
$echo $PATH

Move the terraform binary to one of the listed locations:

$sudo mv terraform /usr/local/bin/terraform

4. Verify the installation

$# You should be able to run terraform from any location
$terraform version
Terraform v0.12.26

5. Enable tab completion (Optional)

You can enable tab completion if you’re using bash or zsh.

$terraform -install-autocomplete

Then you can use the Tab key to autocomplete Terraform commands.